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Why Us?

End-End Supply Chain

Handling logistics from war-zones during procurement process.

Premium Processing

Consulting Food Technologists for finest grading and working towards


Building vibrant & Stable communities

– Woman Education
– Child Labour
– Community Engagement

About US

Background & Business Philosophy

Primenuts started with a humble beginnings; importing 0.5 MT of pine kernels to United Kingdom in 2012. The company quickly found its position in the market and reported a turnover of ~ Euro 1M across Europe within the first year of operations.

Mirza Trading Company made strategic acquisition of Primenuts in Oct 2014 forming RockFort Inc. Ltd.; with established Site offices in Kabul and Landi-kotal for 45 years mainly for procurement and logistics. The group is already involved in large industrial trade with MENA region and Asia pacific markets for Raw materials, leather, Machinery, Cement, Rock Salt and FMCG’s.

The back office team have cumulative experience of more than 100+ years in procurement, trade and logistics operations between Pak-Afghan and Pak-China trade corridors.

The acquisition provided us with state of the art facility in old city of Lahore established since 1947. It is mainly used as Processing and Packaging of food items whilst maintaining International Standards.


Procurement and processing expertise developed over last 40 years with identifying best practices.


Always try and test new techniques for shelling edible nuts and recording quality levels.


This is deeply embedded in our business philosophy for sustainable growth and reputation.


We believe in statement of under promise and over deliver.

Meet the Team



Managing Director



    Marketing & PR



      Manager Export & Operations

        Pine nut

        Chilgoza pine nut (Pinus gerardiana) is distinct pine variety found in western Himalayan forests of Pakistan and Afghanistan and has been an important source to the world. It is normally classified as the finest seed available in the world; also known as “blood nuts or blood harvest” amongst locals.

        The annual crop availability is sacred and very limited in quantity which affects the price fluctuation throughout the year.

        The Royal Nut

        Walnuts have a rich history dating back thousands of years. Walnuts are the oldest tree food known to man, dating back to 7000 B.C. The Romans called walnuts Juglans regia, “Jupiter’s royal acorn.” Early history indicates that English walnuts came from ancient Persia, where they were reserved for royalty. Thus, the walnut is often known as the “Persian Walnut.” Walnuts were traded along the Silk Road route between Asia and the Middle East. Caravans carried walnuts to far off lands and eventually through sea trade, spreading the popularity of the walnut around the world. English merchant marines transported the product for trade to ports around the world and they became known as “English Walnuts.” England, in fact, never grew walnuts commercially. The outer shell provided a natural protective layer helping to maintain the quality of the Kernel.

        Our Services


        We connect our deep knowledge of edible nuts utilization as food ingredient, and raw material sourcing expertise from the Pak-Afghan region. We make relentless efforts to obtain the best quality raw supplies on value price consistently and sustainably for our global customer base.

        “This is achieved by ensuring our presence at every step in the chain”

        Crop Forecast and Market Insight

        Our small buyer teams are based at multiple site offices in remote areas; working very closely with co-operatives and forest pickers to source the best quality on the right price. Also, we believe in knowledge transfer and trainings at the source for the best yield in years to come by.


        Our extensive operations enable us to buy early in the supply chain where the best quality is available. Once the cones have been procured, they are set on the best logistic routes available at the time of the year. Our team is experienced in finding alternative routes due to weather conditions and conflicted areas/war zones across border control between the tribal belt of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

        The raw supplies are brought down to our state-of-the-art processing facilities based in old city of Lahore. Our meticulous care and expertise allows us to preserve the sensitive properties of the pine kernels throughout the process from raw cones to packaged product on shelf.

        The process of shelling, grading and packaging of pine kernels is a complicated, time and labour intensive operation; which is conducted very carefully by implementing modern techniques whilst ensuring international standards required by EU/American markets.

        Marketing & Distribution

        The procurement and processing business with export operations are based in Lahore, Pakistan with marketing offices spread across London, Dubai and Jeddah.
        We hold stocks in different locations to ensure instant availability, providing door to door service for a satisfied customer experience.

        Also, we are seeking distributors in the new regions to increase our presence globally.


        Food Safety is critically important to us and our cutomers. Our products are processed under strict quality control standards in order to deliver a high quality product and working relentlessly towards:

        • HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points)
        • BRC (British Retail Consortium)
        • ISO (Internal Standard Organization) standards for quality and safety hazards
        • IFS (International Food Standards)

        Quality Check

        We maintain our quality according to the EEC regulation and is tested and approved with lab reports from the organizations.

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        European Trade Office
        Incubation Centre
        MacLaurin Building, Hatfield Business Park
        Hertfordshire, AL10 9NE

        Email: support@rockfortfoods.co.uk
        Direct: +44 2070 997 998
        Fax: +44 203 637 2845

        Processing Unit
        10 Punj Mahal Road
        Lahore, Pakistan

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