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Why Us?

We already told you that we offer the creamiest pine nut on the market…but why else should you choose us.

End-End Supply Chain

A fully managed, end to end supply chain to ensure the product is delivered in perfect condition.

Premium Processing

We have obtained multiple certifications for food processing, confirming that our products are 100% natural, free from toxicity and adhere to the highest standards of food regulations.


Since our humble beginnings of 2012, we are now supplying our pine nuts to well recognised blue chip companies, so rest assured, you are in good company. 

What's the story?

Your gonna go nut’s for it!

At Rockfort we’re nuts about premium quality natural produce and we will go to any lengths …or indeed heights to find it.

“Perched precariously atop a mountain, where even goats take care to tread, the local women farmers painstakingly hand pick their sacred crop”! 

It might sound like the opening line of a fairy tale, but this story is authentic….100%!

When Rockfort first discovered this unique produce, we knew it had the power to make big changes, but with great power comes great responsibility……

Rockfort harnesses over 50 years of experience to bring a premium quality product to market. As a company, we recognise and respect the fragile ecosystem that is responsible for this super crop. We are conscious of our social footprint and employ sustainable practices to protect the area and it’s communities for generations to come.


Procurement and processing expertise developed over last 50 years with identifying best practices.


Always try and test new techniques for shelling edible nuts and recording quality levels.


This is deeply embedded in our business philosophy for sustainable growth and reputation.


We believe in statement of under promise and over deliver.

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        The Chilgoza Nut

        The Chilgoza nut is considered to be a sacred crop. As a consequence of the altitude and air pressure in the Himalayas the nut is unique in taste and texture. Sourced 10,000 feet above sea level, the nuts are shelled,dried and graded in the shadows of the mountains, before being transported to the secondary processing site in the old city of Lahore.

        The annual crop availability is sacred and very limited in quantity which affects the price fluctuation throughout the year.

        Our History

        When the founder moved to the UK, he craved the sweet and creamy taste of the Chilgoza nut. Born in the foothills of the Himalayas, the pair were keen to share the magnificent produce of their homeland with the rest of the world. They nurtured relationships with local pickers, food technologists and route planners, to sustainably source the product whilst guaranteeing better working conditions and rates of pay for local people.


        With a UK based headquarters and a logistical network in Pakistan, Rockfort harnesses over 50 years of procurement experience to bring a premium quality product to the marketplace. Being conscious of social footprint, Rockfort embraces sustainable practices which benefit local communities and protect the environment.

        Following authentic processing traditions, the pine nuts are initially processed in the mountain villages and then in the old city of Lahore, Pakistan. The traceable route ensures the product arrives in optimum condition and is organically certified across the supply chain. Utilizing advances in technology, the nuts are finally processed and packaged in the UK, complying with international standards.


        Rockfort supports a niche trade, employing local knowledge and an integrated supply chain to source a product of rare quality, obtained in a geographically and politically challenging locality.

        We have been encouraging traditional wild collection in the Himalayas which is beneficial for both the crop and the local people. There is a small-scale engagement program offering basic trainings, raising awareness to avoid cross-contamination and offering Health & Safety kits. A basic guide outlining weather conditions in the locality is also provided.. This has resulted in the transparency of the supply chain during the transit of raw materials from the mountain peaks to the collection depots based in nearby Valleys.

        In line with the heritage of this product, Rockfort utilizes a factory site in old city of Lahore for the processing, packaging and shipping of raw materials. The factory site is a conversion of historic building established for more than 80 Years and owned by Mirza family since 1947. It now complies with international standards concerning Organic food products.

        We use long established cold water processing techniques. The method is arduous, but crucial to the quality of the end product.  Rockfort ensure the challenging nature of this process is reflected in our generous rates of pay.

        Social Responsibility

        Rockfort values it’s unique relationship with the rich Himalayan region. Via the expertise of local tribesmen, we are able to organically harvest the speciality pine nut for international trade. Consequently we take a broad and holistic approach to our social responsibility, delivering education for girls and protecting the endangered Makhor goat.

        Marketing & Distribution

        Hunza Valley, Pakistan

        The procurement and processing business with export operations are spread between London and Lahore.
        We hold stocks in different locations to ensure instant availability, providing door to door service for a satisfied customer experience.

        Also, we are seeking distributors in the new regions to increase our presence globally.

        Technical Standards

        We maintain our quality according to the EEC regulation and is tested and approved with lab reports from the organizations.

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